Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How to change owner of Sharepoint site from administrator to NetworkService

Steps to "How to change owner of Sharepoint site from administrator to NetworkService":

A. Look application pools in IIS

  1. Look the identity column in application pool List in IIS 6.0 and the select the application pool which is using administrator as Identity.

  2. Change identity from Administrator to NetworkService(right click on a pool, click Advance setting, click on Identity and type NetworkService)

B. Open Database server where Sharepoint database is created for central admin as well as content dbs for webApps(Login to db server with Administrative or DomAdminitrator’s userId)

  1. Go to security and select user NetworkService. Right click and select properties.

  2. Allow access for this user as dbo by selecting User Mapping. User mapping will show you all the database for this userid.

  3. Click on each database name and select db_owner under “database role membership”

  4. If your content database was offline or under suspect condition, make it online now.

C. Restart IIS
Open Central admin or any sharepoint site now for testing

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