Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SkyDrive War - MS, Google, and DropBox

Are you ready for SkyDrive war? Google has launched GoogleDrive(same as MS's SkyDrive) too. Now there are three major player in the market(cloud based market). Microsoft, Google, and DropBox. The major difference is data storage. Microsoft is giving 25GB+unlimited MS office docs+unlimited photos, while Google is just giving 5 GB space(for extra space you have to pay  $2.49 per month for 25 GB).
Another big difference is declaimer. Google declaimer is saying that google will have rights on your documents, while Microsoft and Dropbox are not claiming your documents.
If you are already a member of existing SkyDrive users than go to SkyDrive website and claim your free 25 GB.
Here you can see the comparison between cloud based storage drives
Compare SkyDrive
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

How To Clean Infected site or SQL INJECTION "<script src=>"

If your site has been hacked and your web pages are opening some website that mean your website has been hacked. There are two kind of possible injections your site may have:
  • File injection: Your web files like html pages/javascript/css may have virus, than check your pages: you will found the this type code added at the end of each page's html: "".
  • SQL Injection: If you have a content management system than your content database is hacked using sql injection. Please see your table/file where you are keeping your page's content(like product info, page info, menu info, header info, footer info). You will found that each row of your table is being and following text has been added at the end of each records:

  • For your web files, you have to check all your files and fix manually one by one.
  • For content database, you can run the following update SQL query to fix:
SET [ItemName] = Replace(cast([ImageName] as nvarchar(100)), '<title&&rt;<script src=http://', '')
Please modify this query and replace your table name, column name for the bold letters in query.

Other ways to fix this issues:

  • Remove query string
  • Do not use in-line sql statement in your server side script (like select * from table where id=' + request.quesrystring(id) or value from query string)
  • Check the length of id in query string, if it is more than 20 chars than it is most likely infected. Quick fix trim id to 20 characters, so it will remove that malicious string and than it will not work.

I hope this will help someone to make their day and to over come of this nightmare.

I have fixed many infected content databases using this SQL in sql server/access db. I hope it will help you too.
FYI: url( in infected script may be changed in your case. so replace to your url.

Please don't forget 22 April "Earth day", do something to protect our mother earth"
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Window 8 - Metro Style Apps, A big market to make money

I am seating here in (Fairmont PacificRim center) for windows 8 development training (Windows App development for phone, tablets, laptops) . Here I have got a interesting numbers for Windows OS which is a great opportunity to make money with windows app market.
You can make one app which will run on desktop, laptop, Tablet, smartphone.
Here is the number of devices for windows OS:
Windows OS - 500 Million devices
Android - 232 million devices
iPhone - 152 million devices
Mac OS - 30 million devices
If you think 0.01% pie of this Windows device than you can calculate the amount you can make with $0.99/App. With 01 app of $0.99, you can make 1/2 million dollars. This is not impossible :), so go for it.

So if you make an Windows app using windows 8 OS with Visual studio 2011, it is easy to make such apps and it is also easy to submit on Windows App store using Visual studio.
The only thing you need is one time registration fees with windows app store, which is $49.00 dollar - individual, and $99.00 for Business.