Sunday, May 19, 2013

Which one is my future: ASP Web form, MVC, HTML5, or WebAPI for Web Architect/Developer?

Why client-side techniques such as JQuery, Knockout, HTML5, etc.are becoming so popular? They all are  having one thing in common: usage of WebAPI.
Nowadays not only the simple websites, but also big enterprise level applications are using WebAPI to designs their high traffic websites. I was a part of a design and development team of a Airport site, it was designed and developed in SharePoint 2010. It was having 50% custom code and most of them were having webparts. each webpart was getting the data from Database(I will not disclose the name of DB). Data retrial and transactions all were done using the webAPI.
I have gone through a very good article by a co-founder of DNN Shaun Walker, he has explained the future of web development in microsoft technologies, like Please go through this blog and see what exactly changes he is planning for the DNN using this wave of change in Microsoft technology.

Microsoft Declares the Future of ASP.NET is Web API

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