Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How To Add Windows Live Messanger in your website?

If you know HTML, than you can do this easily, just follow these 12 steps and see these steps in attached screen shot. I am sure on the 12th step, you will see the miracle... :)

1. Login to http://login.live.com with you live/hotmail/msn email id
2. go to setting page Windows Live Setting
3. click on WebSetting link in left side menu
4. Select checkbox for " Allow anyone on the web to see my presence and send me messages."
5. Click Save button on top of the page
6. Click on Create HTML link in left side menu
7. Choose which control you want to display on your page. It has three options
7.1 - IM window - It embed the messanger as a frame. It will allow chating within your site's page. This will give you the option to

select height, width and theme color for your messanger.
7.2 - Button - Show button with current status of messanger. This will launch the web based windows IM in new window.
7.3 - Status Icon -> This will show only status icon of your messanger's status. This will launch the web based windows IM in new

NOTE: Step 7.1, and 7.2 will open a new page with the following url with your Live Invite Id as invitee:
8. After selecting the option in step 7, it will generate the html and display in textbox next to label "Copy the HTML and paste it into

your webpage"
8.1. copy and paste html in your html or asp.net page and run it.
9. Once you will run your page, than it will ask a visitor to begin conversation. Click on Begin Conversation link.
10. Onclick over Begin Conversation, it will popup a window to type visitor's name. So type your name here and hit OK button.
11. After entering your name as visitor, system will popup Captcha screen, enter the characters shown on the image 2gNC3V0g and click on

submit button.
12. Now you are ready to chat, start doing chating.

Enjoy your green code @code4green.com


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