Thursday, March 17, 2011

Copy and Paste of Script from Web page is becoming single line text

I have been asked so many times with the development groups that they can not copy and paste the syntax code from some web pages with indentation.
Issue If a Syntax is in HTML's Code element, than simple copy and paste will paste as a single line text (in notepad or Visual Studio IDE). So, It will remove all the indentation also.
Solution: Copy the code from web page and paste into Excel sheet. It will keep indentation and color coding for you and then after that copy from excel and paste to your IDE.
Sample: Try to copy Syntax code from page, and paste into notepad or IDE. It will become a single line of code.
But if you will copy and paste into excel and again copy from excel than paste into notepad or IDE than if will come into multiple lines with indentation.

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