Monday, January 24, 2011

Single-Quote('), double-quote ("), and Tilde (~) keys not recognizing in first hit

I have seen this issue in some of the laptops, and the issue is that Single-Quote('), double-quote ("), and Tilde (~) keys not recognizing in first hit. I have searched over the web than I have found that lots of people are facing the same problem.
SO I thought I can write a blog for this issue.
My Laptop's configuration is:
OS - Windows 7 Home Premium, Brand- Acer, Model - Aspire 5741, Processor - Intel Core i3 M350
Problem - From the first day onward I am having this issue. First I was pressing twice these keys and in 2nd time it was writing the 2 characters(',",~).
Reason: Still I am looking the reason. Once I will have that I will post here.
Resolution: I have found the workaround. Keep typing as you do normal typing. So if you hit the key(which has the problem) it will not show at that time, but as soon as you press different key, it will show both typed characters.
i.e. I am typing with the same laptop which has this issue, and for test I have typed the following: "Human Resources". I have typed normally without any issue and it typed correctly.
The only issue I am having in this way: Space bar is not getting recognised in first hit after these keys(",',and ~).
I will keep doing more research and try to contact with Acer with this issue. Once I will have more info I will post here.
Please post your reply if you have the same issue.

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  1. Hi All,
    I Have found the solution of this issue.
    This is related with the language and region.
    As soon as I have changed Language to English (Canada) - US, than my computer start working proper. Double and single quete's issue has been resolved by this change.
    Here are the steps:
    1.Go To Control Panel >> Region and Languages
    2.Select Keyboards and Language tab and click on change keyboards button
    3.Select General Tab and in default Input language change to English (Canada) - US
    4.Select Language bar tab and select Docked in the taskbar radio button. Also check show additional language bar in the taskbar. Click Apply button

    I have windows 7 OS.